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Day 44-

June 3rd, 2013 at 05:47 pm

I don't think I did well during the interview. I rambled (kiss of death) That being said, I hope they find someone amazing to fill the position. The work child advocacy agencies do is very important and I sincerely wish them the best.

I did well at the Flea Market this weekend. I was surprised I sold as many of the Kerosene lamp chimneys as I did. I was thrilled. I bought a case of 24 and have sold 6. I paid $4 for a case and I am selling them at $3 each or two for $5. I maid a profit off the first sale of 2. I sold a great deal of the merchandise I picked up on vacation. I am definitely looking forward to a return trip to buy even more merchandise.

Next trip I will be more organized with my funds. I spent the money I set aside for repairing the gutters. I decided to start all over raising the money. I love a challenge.

Day 39- Interview Day

May 29th, 2013 at 12:05 am

Today is the interview for the Child Advocacy position. I have reviewed the material to reinforce my ability to have an appropriate discussion during the interview. I am confident as of this moment.

I have 2 interview outfits ready and my checklist to check off before leaving for the interview. If something happens to outfit number 1, I have back up. I will have extra copies of my resume. It has been retooled. I have rechecked with my references.

And I have prayed. I want this position. I also want the most appropriate person in this position. The outcome of the work that this agency accomplishes is too important.

I'll update when I know more.

Day 38-

May 28th, 2013 at 08:56 am

It seems my post from before my vacation was eaten. Sigh....

Feeling a bit discouraged at this time. I just have to keep plugging away. I do have another interview tomorrow. It is with a CAC- Child Advocacy Center. This one is just about to start. I am excited that I can be part of a center that actually works to make a difference in the world. We will see how the interview goes and I will work on an update.

During my vacation, spending was disorganized. Definitely need to address that. This weekend is Flea Market weekend and I have new merchandise. I plan to track the new inventory and see just what kind of profit I make from the trip.

Day 18- trying this post again

May 9th, 2013 at 10:41 pm

I have typed this post three times yesterdayand it gets eaten every time.

May progress:

I have the funds to cover downspout repairs. Housecleaning job increased and I received $60 instead of $25. Win!

I am drinking more tea instead of soda. Win.

Bathroom leak- No real progress. I am still looking for someone trustworthy to do the work. I have done more research and am gaining convidence in my ability to re-plumb area.

Looking more professional every day?? ehhh not so good.

Yard detailed- Tomorrow, I need to mow front, side and clean carport/porch. The rest will have to wait until I return. I have volunteer duty at 2pm and work at 5 pm.

Fleamarket was a bust. made less than $50. Rained out mostly. I did buy a new phone charger- $1 and it was brand name. Just blessed I guess. I bought 3 10 lb bags of Dominoe sugar for $4 a bag- that is less than .50 lb. It should cover me all summer for tea and koolaid. I have more than enough tea and koolaid mix to see me through the summer. No excuses for buying soda.

I did buy 2 long handled dust pans for $1 each today at $ Tree. The woman I clean house for has been wanting one and since she tips so well, I figure it is the least I can do. She also purchased me a pair of fancy rain/ garden boots. They are out of my budget ($26) and a little birdy told her I wanted them. You can be sure that house was spotless when I left. I even did all the laundry while I was cleaning, which is not requested but welcomed.

I received a total of 9 smallish ( medium?) sized boxes of cereal from work. They had expired and everyone had taken all they wanted. I know what is for breakfast the next few weeks after I return.

I often speak with my customers especially if I see them in scrubs or anything that suggest medical field. I sometimes get a tip on a job lead. Well, today I got a little tip and we shall see where it goes.


May 9th, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I have retyped and posted this three times, what's up

Day 11- May Goals

May 3rd, 2013 at 12:50 pm


1) stop gap repair bathroom leak- will have to enlist help as I am afraid to go under house.

2) Put professional pretty on daily. First impressions are important and I have run into possible employers looking less than my best.

3) yard detailed- detailed list to follow soon- I have put in a call to the city to repair culvert on right of way. ( saves me time and money if I can get the city to fix this. It floods my driveway and carport.)

4)Drink less soda and more water ( plain and flavored)

5) THE BIG ONE- repair missing downspouts on gutters. - I priced the pieces needed at Home Depot. The estimated cost is $35. I am budgeting $50. (you know how it goes once you atart a project.) I will cash in all the cans I have on hand. That might net $10. I am doing a small cleaning job for someone on Monday. That will net $25. I need to raise an additional $15.

I am working the fleamarket with my sister this weekend. We are redoing the booth in order to declutter and bring in more business. I will designate some items that need to go. Whatever I get out of those will be put toward the downspout repairs. I only make $200 on a REALLY good weekend, so this will be a challenge to dispose of $15 worth of totally unwanted items. This weeknd will hopefully be ok, so you never know. Gotta put on the creative hat.

day 8- dragging- Utility Win

April 30th, 2013 at 10:33 am

I worked last night and came back in on my off day. AT 5AM! I received 5 1/2 extra hours should have 30 hrs this week.) I am grateful and tired. I plan a little nap and then I have to get on with lawn work. Finish one load of hand laundry, work on cleaning out the car and get some sleep for a busy day Wednesday.

I wasted money today as I bought 2 sodas and a biscuit. I bought a tea and some cookies for dinner last night. I need to work on the discipline a little more.

Good News: The light bill came in at $120 ( has been $200.) My goal is to get the next bill in at under $100.

I have had trouble turning ALL the lights out whether at home or when away. A little over 2 years ago, I walked into my home to find a burglar. I walloped him with a hammer and he came back while I was (2 blocks away )at the police department filling out the report. He ripped the door frame out. He also returned a few months later after I had burglar bar door installed. It has only been this year that I could sleep in a dark room.

SOOO, I am making strides in that area. I am learning to sleep in a dark house. I am learning to turn out ALL lights when I leave. I am learning to use a flashlight when I enter the house. I am seriously considering getting several solar lights that can charge during the day and be used at night ( dollar tree)

Day7- Decent Windfalls

April 29th, 2013 at 08:36 am

With the trip 2 weeks away, I received a windfall of $100. I was told to buy some new clothes for the trip. I am trying hard to round up some good clothes and use the $100 for other expenses. I could use it to buy more sellable merchandise on the trip and double or ( prayer) triple the money for bills.

One of my customers came in Saturday night and purchased 19 ballons to be filled and picked up the next day for her grandchild's birthday party on Sunday. She mentioned she "throws" the Sunday paper for extra money. I asked if she had extra coupon inserts. She said she would check. Sunday Morning sh brought me 3 full papers. There were three coupn inserts in each and I found some bargains.

The best part was a new job to apply for in my field. It was advertised in the free to me paper. SCORE!

Rain Saturday and Sunday kaboshed mowing. I also traded one of my Weekdays for a Sunday morning shift. I knew it was going to rain Sunday and My other weekday could hopefully be spent mowing. I was asked if I would be willing to work The same day I traded if the reginional director approved more hours in prep for inventory. Of course I said YES. Hey, mowing the grass doesn't pay the bills. I can always play catch up during my off time.

Day 5- budgeting

April 26th, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Published a few hours early

Here goes on the budget:

Mortg- $225 (planned worst case scenario at purchase)
Lights $200 ( can't figure out why- no heat or A/C)
Water $65
Phone $150 ( looking for a cheaper plan- need wifi for job search)
Fuel- $150 ( I usually use one tank a week + mowing)
Auto Insurance- $50
groceries $25 ( well stocked pantry- exp throught 2015)

Total of $750 bare bones and no Murphy's laws banging me. Takehome from MW job runs about $500. I have $3366 in the bank and I know that will not last forever. I scrape for any extras. Which is good. I am at the point where I am going to have to bite the bullet and give up wifi. There are no wifi hotspots where I live. The nearest library is SMALL and has odd hours. Steeling my self for that bullet.

The food budget is low because I aggressively sought out bargains with extended experation dates before the job loss. I think I did very well there.

1/4 of zone 4 is mowed. Headed out to finish.

Day 4- baby steps

April 26th, 2013 at 10:46 am

I slept late ( 11 am). I am sick and when I got off work last night I found out my sister took my dad to the ER so I joined them. After he was released, we grabbed a bite at Arby's and went home. Turns out he was having dizzy spells becausehe needs to slowly stand up and not do chores that have him bending over and rising up quickly. They are sending him to a neuro just in case.

So I am up and had a breakfast of herbed cheese chunks and an orange Shasta. Last can fom a 4 pack treat from the Dollar Tree.

Today will be focused on cleaning out the car and mowing the yard. I will be filling out the online applications probably after dark today.

I received my new schedule last night. Next week I am scheduled for 25.5 hrs. Hopefully, I will able to bump that up to 30-35 depending on who calls in or them needing someone to stay late. Could be pretty good week. I need it with the trip coming up ( not working for a whole week), car insurance $275 in July, car tag in July, $100, that vibration in the car $??, and need an oil change soon ( egads, $40.) I am planning on earning all of that in outside "fundraising." I am trying to use as little of my banked funds as possible.

I will have a few yardsales, Make a little at the Flea Market see what else I can come up with between now and then.

update: Zone 1- ROW completed
Zone 2- front yard- completed except weedeating
Zone 3- Side yard started

The whole time I am mowing, I am making mental list of other outside chores and repairs need completed.

Day 3- Found One Excuse

April 25th, 2013 at 02:24 pm

Tomorrow is my off day. I plan to finish the yard. It will be stop and go all day as I am too out of shape to finish it all at once. I also plan to wash work uniforms and clean off the carport ( very messy.) For those who do not know ( that would be all of you), I wash my clothes by hand because I don't own a washer and the local laundry mat is nasty right down to the machines. Ok, the place is pretty clean but the water going into the machines looks like it has been filtered with a window screen for big crap and then refed into the washers. ewwwe. I do plan in the future to haul some of my laundry to my sister's house but sh is funny and it takes a fair bit of gas to just hop on over there.

Saturday I don't work until 4pm, so I plan to work on cleaning out the car and start detailing it myself. I am determined to dig out of my messy habits. starting outside and working my way in.

At least I know why I have felt like crap for the last week and I half. Sinus infection. It tends to sneek up on me and I have been lazy as of late so I missed the clues. My teeth hurt because of the pressure ( I hope.)

I almost missed my volunteer banquet today but plodded on because I know how few volunteers there are and how hard our leader works. She would have been disappointed. We had a BIG lunch and I am quite full. I wasted gas coming home and sleeping until time to get up, blog and get ready for MW work time. I felt I should work on the yard but the rest won out. I did save a little as my plan was to shop the thrift store if the sitting assignment did not work out, It fell through so I slept.

Day 2-

April 24th, 2013 at 04:47 am

Today is busy. I have Volunteer hours this morning, a 5 hour shift at my MW job ( remember to bring home hot dog buns as I have some hotdogs in fridge that need using up) and then chores at home.

I was terribly naughty last night. I ordered a pizza when I had perfectly good food. I was craving something tasty and filling. I just caved. NO MORE! I have to "act my wage."

A plus was that I was able to purchase some damges at work this week. 3 boxes poptarts, 1 bag really good cereal, box of Nekkos and a box of cheese crackers. Not good food but stretchy food and all for $1.64. Sad how exciting that is to me.

Today, I will work on mowing the yard. I discovered yesterday that I am woefully out of shape and only had the stamina to complete the right of way. This evening after work, my goal is to at least complete the front yard and possibly the side yard before dark.

Seeing as how Thursday is filled by AM volunteering, Volunteer banquet/luncheon and a 5 hour MW shift. I don't think I will be able to squeeze in mowing. I should be able to finish Friday as I am off. I don't work again until Saturday evening.

I should have 35 hrs and If I am lucky I can sqeeze in few more hours. 40 hr weeks are unheard of now due to Obama Care. I am looking at a second MW job at a local clothing outlet after vacation. ( clarification:My father is sooo excited to have me finally go with the family, that he is covering all expenses except any purchases I make at the 4 days of yardsales.

FYI, I have a push mower. I also have a very full pantry, a cluttered house, more home repairs than I shake a stick at and a tremendous load on my shoulders financially that I cannot share at this time.

Day One- 2.0

April 23rd, 2013 at 04:17 pm

I am back and determined to make a go of it. SInce you last heard from me, there have been changes. I left one position in search of a more livable workplace. Out of the pan into the fire! I left that job over a year ago and am now struggling to live off a part time minimum wage job while searching for a new professional position.

Today's task: Mowing the yard. I am not sure if the mower will start this year, but here goes!

Update: The mower was low on oil. I added oil and new gas. YEAH!!! It started. I was so worried that I would have another repair bill. I am praying it holds out until I get a new job.

Ionly mowed the rightof way but it is a start. I have Volunteer duties the next two days including two shifts at my MW job. Since I worked 3 extra shifts this week ( 2 in one day) I should have 34-35 hours. This is ALOT of hoursat thi place of employment.

I will be taking my first vacation in 8 years next month. I am only going because my father is losing his ability to drive and I have not visited these relatives since 1994. Mostly to keep my dad from killing himself and my sisters with his driving while towing a trailer. There is potential to turn this into a money making trip as we will be hitting a city wide yardsale over the course of 4 days while visiting. The prices there are dirt cheap and I can sell many items when I return home.

Day One

March 13th, 2011 at 08:51 pm

This blog is to hold myself accountable, track my progress and hopefully inspire others.

I have one car broke down in another city and the other vehicle is bleeding me dry with gas cost. The 96 Miata overheated ad had to be towed. I have a wrecker bill of $150 and whatever repairs it takes to get it running. The first shop believes it needs a new motor at a total cost of about $2000. The car is not worth that much. The second shop stated they would look at it for free and they believe it probably only needs new heads. I am going to dolly the Miata home and let the second shop look at it. If the repairs are doable it would pay off in gas saving by the end of the year.