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Day 2-

April 24th, 2013 at 04:47 am

Today is busy. I have Volunteer hours this morning, a 5 hour shift at my MW job ( remember to bring home hot dog buns as I have some hotdogs in fridge that need using up) and then chores at home.

I was terribly naughty last night. I ordered a pizza when I had perfectly good food. I was craving something tasty and filling. I just caved. NO MORE! I have to "act my wage."

A plus was that I was able to purchase some damges at work this week. 3 boxes poptarts, 1 bag really good cereal, box of Nekkos and a box of cheese crackers. Not good food but stretchy food and all for $1.64. Sad how exciting that is to me.

Today, I will work on mowing the yard. I discovered yesterday that I am woefully out of shape and only had the stamina to complete the right of way. This evening after work, my goal is to at least complete the front yard and possibly the side yard before dark.

Seeing as how Thursday is filled by AM volunteering, Volunteer banquet/luncheon and a 5 hour MW shift. I don't think I will be able to squeeze in mowing. I should be able to finish Friday as I am off. I don't work again until Saturday evening.

I should have 35 hrs and If I am lucky I can sqeeze in few more hours. 40 hr weeks are unheard of now due to Obama Care. I am looking at a second MW job at a local clothing outlet after vacation. ( clarification:My father is sooo excited to have me finally go with the family, that he is covering all expenses except any purchases I make at the 4 days of yardsales.

FYI, I have a push mower. I also have a very full pantry, a cluttered house, more home repairs than I shake a stick at and a tremendous load on my shoulders financially that I cannot share at this time.

4 Responses to “Day 2- ”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    "Act my wage" -- I love it!

    It's not sad you're excited by a bargain. I'm excited by the same kinds of things!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Push mowing is great exercise. It will get easier as the season progresses!

  3. Willow1531 Says:

    I stole the "act my wage" from Dave Ramsey Smile And Yes, I agree, The lawnmower wil definately be good exercise.

    I remembered the buns, yeah me. No mowing as it rained ( whispers "yeah".) I was able to purchase a few more damages ( about 4/$1) I received a t-shirt from my volunteer position, which I promptly placed in my suitcase for next month's trip.

    The bad news, my car has a vibration and the brakes started squealing. sigh..... I will manage.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    I'd be excited to get all that for less than $2 too. Smile

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