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Day 11- May Goals

May 3rd, 2013 at 12:50 pm


1) stop gap repair bathroom leak- will have to enlist help as I am afraid to go under house.

2) Put professional pretty on daily. First impressions are important and I have run into possible employers looking less than my best.

3) yard detailed- detailed list to follow soon- I have put in a call to the city to repair culvert on right of way. ( saves me time and money if I can get the city to fix this. It floods my driveway and carport.)

4)Drink less soda and more water ( plain and flavored)

5) THE BIG ONE- repair missing downspouts on gutters. - I priced the pieces needed at Home Depot. The estimated cost is $35. I am budgeting $50. (you know how it goes once you atart a project.) I will cash in all the cans I have on hand. That might net $10. I am doing a small cleaning job for someone on Monday. That will net $25. I need to raise an additional $15.

I am working the fleamarket with my sister this weekend. We are redoing the booth in order to declutter and bring in more business. I will designate some items that need to go. Whatever I get out of those will be put toward the downspout repairs. I only make $200 on a REALLY good weekend, so this will be a challenge to dispose of $15 worth of totally unwanted items. This weeknd will hopefully be ok, so you never know. Gotta put on the creative hat.

day 8- dragging- Utility Win

April 30th, 2013 at 10:33 am

I worked last night and came back in on my off day. AT 5AM! I received 5 1/2 extra hours should have 30 hrs this week.) I am grateful and tired. I plan a little nap and then I have to get on with lawn work. Finish one load of hand laundry, work on cleaning out the car and get some sleep for a busy day Wednesday.

I wasted money today as I bought 2 sodas and a biscuit. I bought a tea and some cookies for dinner last night. I need to work on the discipline a little more.

Good News: The light bill came in at $120 ( has been $200.) My goal is to get the next bill in at under $100.

I have had trouble turning ALL the lights out whether at home or when away. A little over 2 years ago, I walked into my home to find a burglar. I walloped him with a hammer and he came back while I was (2 blocks away )at the police department filling out the report. He ripped the door frame out. He also returned a few months later after I had burglar bar door installed. It has only been this year that I could sleep in a dark room.

SOOO, I am making strides in that area. I am learning to sleep in a dark house. I am learning to turn out ALL lights when I leave. I am learning to use a flashlight when I enter the house. I am seriously considering getting several solar lights that can charge during the day and be used at night ( dollar tree)