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Day 11- May Goals

May 3rd, 2013 at 12:50 pm


1) stop gap repair bathroom leak- will have to enlist help as I am afraid to go under house.

2) Put professional pretty on daily. First impressions are important and I have run into possible employers looking less than my best.

3) yard detailed- detailed list to follow soon- I have put in a call to the city to repair culvert on right of way. ( saves me time and money if I can get the city to fix this. It floods my driveway and carport.)

4)Drink less soda and more water ( plain and flavored)

5) THE BIG ONE- repair missing downspouts on gutters. - I priced the pieces needed at Home Depot. The estimated cost is $35. I am budgeting $50. (you know how it goes once you atart a project.) I will cash in all the cans I have on hand. That might net $10. I am doing a small cleaning job for someone on Monday. That will net $25. I need to raise an additional $15.

I am working the fleamarket with my sister this weekend. We are redoing the booth in order to declutter and bring in more business. I will designate some items that need to go. Whatever I get out of those will be put toward the downspout repairs. I only make $200 on a REALLY good weekend, so this will be a challenge to dispose of $15 worth of totally unwanted items. This weeknd will hopefully be ok, so you never know. Gotta put on the creative hat.

Day One- 2.0

April 23rd, 2013 at 04:17 pm

I am back and determined to make a go of it. SInce you last heard from me, there have been changes. I left one position in search of a more livable workplace. Out of the pan into the fire! I left that job over a year ago and am now struggling to live off a part time minimum wage job while searching for a new professional position.

Today's task: Mowing the yard. I am not sure if the mower will start this year, but here goes!

Update: The mower was low on oil. I added oil and new gas. YEAH!!! It started. I was so worried that I would have another repair bill. I am praying it holds out until I get a new job.

Ionly mowed the rightof way but it is a start. I have Volunteer duties the next two days including two shifts at my MW job. Since I worked 3 extra shifts this week ( 2 in one day) I should have 34-35 hours. This is ALOT of hoursat thi place of employment.

I will be taking my first vacation in 8 years next month. I am only going because my father is losing his ability to drive and I have not visited these relatives since 1994. Mostly to keep my dad from killing himself and my sisters with his driving while towing a trailer. There is potential to turn this into a money making trip as we will be hitting a city wide yardsale over the course of 4 days while visiting. The prices there are dirt cheap and I can sell many items when I return home.

Day One

March 13th, 2011 at 08:51 pm

This blog is to hold myself accountable, track my progress and hopefully inspire others.

I have one car broke down in another city and the other vehicle is bleeding me dry with gas cost. The 96 Miata overheated ad had to be towed. I have a wrecker bill of $150 and whatever repairs it takes to get it running. The first shop believes it needs a new motor at a total cost of about $2000. The car is not worth that much. The second shop stated they would look at it for free and they believe it probably only needs new heads. I am going to dolly the Miata home and let the second shop look at it. If the repairs are doable it would pay off in gas saving by the end of the year.