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Day 4- baby steps

April 26th, 2013 at 10:46 am

I slept late ( 11 am). I am sick and when I got off work last night I found out my sister took my dad to the ER so I joined them. After he was released, we grabbed a bite at Arby's and went home. Turns out he was having dizzy spells becausehe needs to slowly stand up and not do chores that have him bending over and rising up quickly. They are sending him to a neuro just in case.

So I am up and had a breakfast of herbed cheese chunks and an orange Shasta. Last can fom a 4 pack treat from the Dollar Tree.

Today will be focused on cleaning out the car and mowing the yard. I will be filling out the online applications probably after dark today.

I received my new schedule last night. Next week I am scheduled for 25.5 hrs. Hopefully, I will able to bump that up to 30-35 depending on who calls in or them needing someone to stay late. Could be pretty good week. I need it with the trip coming up ( not working for a whole week), car insurance $275 in July, car tag in July, $100, that vibration in the car $??, and need an oil change soon ( egads, $40.) I am planning on earning all of that in outside "fundraising." I am trying to use as little of my banked funds as possible.

I will have a few yardsales, Make a little at the Flea Market see what else I can come up with between now and then.

update: Zone 1- ROW completed
Zone 2- front yard- completed except weedeating
Zone 3- Side yard started

The whole time I am mowing, I am making mental list of other outside chores and repairs need completed.

3 Responses to “Day 4- baby steps”

  1. snafu Says:

    Oh my, Shasta orange soda for breakfast is not on the road to good health whereas an old fashioned orange helps

  2. Willow1531 Says:

    SNAFU- True. I tried to buy orange juice at work yesterday, when I got off, but my boss was in a bad mood and did not let me ( SMH- wierd) Then I had to run to ER for my dad and was so tired when we left that I forgot. I have juice now Smile
    I have a 1/5th of today's yard zone completed. Taking abreak and heading out again in a few to continue.

  3. http://royalediting.com/advice-for-writers-to-make-your-essay-outstanding Says:

    This is no good. You must eat well, otherwise you will be sick all the time and feel depressive and tired. Perhaps you should take a sick leave or a vacation.

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