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Day7- Decent Windfalls

April 29th, 2013 at 08:36 am

With the trip 2 weeks away, I received a windfall of $100. I was told to buy some new clothes for the trip. I am trying hard to round up some good clothes and use the $100 for other expenses. I could use it to buy more sellable merchandise on the trip and double or ( prayer) triple the money for bills.

One of my customers came in Saturday night and purchased 19 ballons to be filled and picked up the next day for her grandchild's birthday party on Sunday. She mentioned she "throws" the Sunday paper for extra money. I asked if she had extra coupon inserts. She said she would check. Sunday Morning sh brought me 3 full papers. There were three coupn inserts in each and I found some bargains.

The best part was a new job to apply for in my field. It was advertised in the free to me paper. SCORE!

Rain Saturday and Sunday kaboshed mowing. I also traded one of my Weekdays for a Sunday morning shift. I knew it was going to rain Sunday and My other weekday could hopefully be spent mowing. I was asked if I would be willing to work The same day I traded if the reginional director approved more hours in prep for inventory. Of course I said YES. Hey, mowing the grass doesn't pay the bills. I can always play catch up during my off time.

2 Responses to “Day7- Decent Windfalls”

  1. snafu Says:

    Wishing you a fun trip & holiday. We always take packets of instant soup, instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, home made trail mix and a tiny picnic set get cranky if they're hungry. Eating out is a major cost component of any trip so some cost avoidances free up funds for other experiences. If you have access to WiFi Yelp Check-in, Local Eats offer non tourist - local favourites.

  2. Willow1531 Says:

    I am blessed in that my father is covering all expenses on this trip. They insist on eating out EVERY meal. I think they are crazy spoiled, but these are the rules of engagement for the trip.

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