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day 8- dragging- Utility Win

April 30th, 2013 at 10:33 am

I worked last night and came back in on my off day. AT 5AM! I received 5 1/2 extra hours should have 30 hrs this week.) I am grateful and tired. I plan a little nap and then I have to get on with lawn work. Finish one load of hand laundry, work on cleaning out the car and get some sleep for a busy day Wednesday.

I wasted money today as I bought 2 sodas and a biscuit. I bought a tea and some cookies for dinner last night. I need to work on the discipline a little more.

Good News: The light bill came in at $120 ( has been $200.) My goal is to get the next bill in at under $100.

I have had trouble turning ALL the lights out whether at home or when away. A little over 2 years ago, I walked into my home to find a burglar. I walloped him with a hammer and he came back while I was (2 blocks away )at the police department filling out the report. He ripped the door frame out. He also returned a few months later after I had burglar bar door installed. It has only been this year that I could sleep in a dark room.

SOOO, I am making strides in that area. I am learning to sleep in a dark house. I am learning to turn out ALL lights when I leave. I am learning to use a flashlight when I enter the house. I am seriously considering getting several solar lights that can charge during the day and be used at night ( dollar tree)

5 Responses to “day 8- dragging- Utility Win”

  1. rachel021406 Says:

    What a horrifying experience. I think I would be a little anxious in the dark too. But it sounds like you are getting better! Congrats on that!

  2. snafu Says:

    Good progress conquering fear! I was shocked by how much phantom power we were using. Only realized when advised to unplug electronics because we were leaving to work out-of-country for several months.

    I love the idea of solar power, please report if you decide to install. We've used 'motion' lights which turn themselves off after a set period.

    hmmm tea and cookies don't sound like a nutritious dinner. What products are safe to leave in the trunk of the car or carry in a tote? I'm wondering about small tins of broken shrimp, trail mix, crackers and single serving tins of fruit.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    That is a terrible story about the burglar. Was it someone you knew? I'd feel the same way I'm sure.

  4. Willow1531 Says:

    The burglar is someone I am only slightly aquainted with. This neighborhood was decent until one family bought a house in a distress sale. Their son is a meth head. And they lie and steal themselves. They will do anything to keep him from facing responsibility. I stay away from people like that. They have three sons. One is serving life, one in and out ( facing murder/manslaughter charges now)and this one was a felon before he was kicked out of jr high. Good stock there.

    The tea and cookies was not planned. I was busy and forgot to eat before work. I bought the cookies when I should have made a better choice. I normally carry a lunch or snack in order to save from eating out. Thanks for the reminder, I just packed my lunch for tomorrow.

  5. www.skywritingservice.com/blog/thomas-paine-essay-on-common-sense Says:

    What a brazen burglar! Three times to go to the same house is foolish for him. I understand why you worry all the time. If I were you I would be afraid to sleep peacefully too.

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